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DatangBG HL-1716 Standard KVM Switch
Connecting with the server One end of the VAG cable is inserted into the VGA port of the KVM switch, and the other end is inserted into the VGA port of the server and the USB or PS/2 interface respectively.
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Key Features
  • 17-inch 16-channel, installed in cabinets above 800mm deep
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Product Details
1. The 4-in-1 all-in-one machine combines the functions of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and switch, and is designed according to the 1U height of a standard 19-inch rack. 2. It can be directly connected to 16 computers or servers, and a set of external KVM console is reserved 3. This machine is suitable for DOS, Win3.X, Win95/98/98SE/ME/2000/2003/XP, WinNT, Unix, Linux and other operating systems 4. This machine is suitable for iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Microsystems with optional USB and PS2 interfaces, and an external keyboard and mouse. 5. No need to install software - you can easily operate the machine just by entering hot key commands and screen selection switching 6. Guide rail with automatic locking device 7. Automatic scanning function, KVM automatically scans the computers one by one, and names each server through the OSD video control menu to facilitate management 8. Built-in power supply, automatic power switch 9. Independent operating system, can support various operating systems without adding any other software or hardware 10. Hot swap - with plug and play function, when adding or removing a PC for maintenance, there is no need to power off, allowing the control terminal to plug and play.
External Specifications (L×W×H)600mm×445.8mm×43mm
power input96-256V AC (DC needs to be customized)
Input voltageDC 12V
cascadenot support
Key design99 keys
Back-end keyboard and mouse external interface typeUSB/PS/2 optional
switch modeOSD menu
Gross weight20KG
Operating/storage temperature0~50℃/-20~60℃
Display typeXGA TFT LCD
color display16.7M
pixel interval0.264(H)×0.264(W)
service lifeLCD MTBF>50000H, Backlight MTBF>30000H
compatibilityIMBAT, support Microsoft Windows 9X, /Me/nt/2K/XP
keyboard interfacePS/2 / USB
service life>1.000.000 times
hardware interfacePS/2 USB
operating systemSupport Microsoft Windows9X,/Me/nt/2K/XP/2003 and other systems
shell materialGalvanized Electrolytic Sheet/Aluminum Alloy
PC port16
Cabinet installation depthCabinets with a depth greater than 800mm (select appropriate mounting ears)
installation methodThe mounting ears at both ends of the kvm switch are fixed to the uprights on the front side of the cabinet, and the two ends of the rear side are inserted into inserts and fixed to the uprights on both sides of the rear of the cabinet
switch methodPress ctrl twice, the display will display the selection menu, use the arrow keys to select the server number, press Enter to switch
Test ReportAnhui Provincial Bureau of Product Quality Supervision passed the test
Quality ManagementISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
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